Site of German Governor’s Palace   



  Located at No.11, Yishui Road, Shinan District, Qingdao, the building was built in 1902~1906 and named “Governor’s Palace” for serving as the office building for German Jiao’ao Governor. With a floorage of 7,123 m2, the principal part is 20 m high. This is a four-storey building which adopts the symmetrical plane like European public architecture in the 19th century, with the façade in symmetrical treatment of “three columns and five sections” and the architectural plane in “凹” shape. It had served as the headquarters of “Qingdao Garrison” during Japan’s first aggression against Qingdao, as the seat of Puppet Government controlled by Japan during Japan’s second aggression, as the seat of government when Kuomintang came into power, and as the office building of Qingdao Municipal People’s Government in 1949~1994 and currently is the office place of Standing Committee of Qingdao Municipal People’s Congress and Qingdao Municipal Committee of CPPCC. It was listed into key national protected units of cultural relics in 1996.